Syncing my deck

I’m having trouble with my own deck. I created a ton of cards on my Anki desktop app, and I hit sync with AnkiHub, but the cards don’t seem to be uploading for everyone else to access.

Have you created a collaborative deck? If you have, then have you suggested the new cards to AnkiHub and accepted them yet?

It’s not letting me suggest my cards that use image occlusion.

They need to be an AnkiHub note type, you would have had make a deck with image occlusion cards first in them, then that converts the note type.

We are implementing in the future a feature where you can convert note types without having to do this

When I first made and uploaded the deck, it uploaded my image occlusion notes. Would I just have to go through and make them all that same note type?

Yes you would have to convert it to the AnkiHub note type one, the one with brackets (AnKingMed / etc etc) but for image occlusion

Thank you. How do I go about converting the note type of an already made card?

It looks like I already made the cards the same note type as the deck that was uploaded to AnkiHub, so I’m unsure why they are not showing up on the web.

Did you suggest them and accept?

It’s not letting me suggest them, despite all cards being the same note type.

If you want to convert them to the image occlusion note type from AnkiHub. Highlight the cards → right click → notes → change note type

Can you take a picture of what you mean?

I finally got it to work!!

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Let us know if you need anything else

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