AnkiHub not recognizing tag removal

I am the deck owner for Blue Ophthalmology (formerly BlueAce Ophthalmology). I recently changed the deck name and the tagging structure present within the deck. All of the notes have a head tag (was #BlueAce, now #Blue).

I recently changed in the browser using the sidebar the head tag on all the notes and bulk suggested 500 at a time. For some reason, about 200 notes have retained the previous tagging structure (out of ~27,000 notes) for some but not all of the tags. I tried to use the sidebar to rename the head tag and re-bulk suggest these notes, but AnkiHub states that there were no changes to the notes selected.

I made sure to sync before doing this, closed and opened Anki again, and even used the β€œreset all local changes to a deck” to see what AnkiHub believed to be the default deck state. When just renaming the tag didn’t work, I selected the previous head tag (#BlueAce) in the sidebar and removed from the notes in question. Again, AnkiHub did not recognize any changes to the notes when I made the suggestion.

For 30 notes, I manually went to each note and removed the tags and sub-tags associated with the previous head tag and made the suggestion, which worked, although I just tried to do this again and the suggestions failed. I tried to do it again on one note and again, a failure. I attempted to downgrade to version 2.1.61 and turn off colorful tags addon, but nothing worked.

Is there a reason AnkiHub is not recognizing these tag changes?

On Version ⁨2.1.63 (f356f177)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.3 PyQt 6.4.0
For tags, using the β€œColorful Tags (+ Hierarchical Tags)” addon here: Colorful Tags (+ Hierarchical Tags) - AnkiWeb

I changed something else in one of the cards and removed the old tag, and suggested it to ankihub without checking the box as a maintainer. AnkiHub recognized the other changes but not the change to the tag. In the webapp, I was able to edit the suggestion to remove the tag and that seems to have worked. I would rather not do this for 200+ notes though

Can you give me an example note for which suggesting a tag change didn’t work and tell me which tag you wanted to change and what the new tag should be?

Also please make sure that the tags in question are not protected.

Yes, here is an example.



I want the card to only have the tag with the head tag β€œ#Blue” rather than the head tag β€œ#BlueAce”. It appears AnkiHub has already accepted the addition of the tag with β€œ#Blue::#Structure_Based::Cornea::Ace_Cornea”, but when I try to remove the other tag, the dialog states that there were no changes found.


Also, I have no protected tags on this deck.

I know you already tried to sync before creating suggestions, but please do that again before proceeding.

What happens when you suggest the note as-is with both tags? Does the No changes message show up in this case too?

Please also reset local changes to the note. You can select this one note with nid:1542592508165 in the browser, right click it, and select AnkiHub: Reset local changes. Does this have any effect on the tags?

Then please upload your logs by going to AnkiHub β†’ Help β†’ Upload logs.


Nothing changes, all 4 tags shown above are still there.


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Thanks, this helped me to find the cause of the issue and we are working on a fix for it.


The issue should be fixed in add-on version 2023-05-29.1. (You can check your installed version in the Help sub-menu of the AnkiHub menu.)

I am still having the problem.

Again using nid:1542592508165

  1. Attempted suggestion as-is β†’ No changes
  2. Reset local changes β†’ No effect on the tags
  3. Attempted tag removal of β€œ#BlueAce::#Structure_Based::Cornea::Ace_Cornea” and suggestion β†’ Problems with note, no changes dialog


Please check if you can remove the tags now. The problem should be fixed.

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Thanks!!! It worked!

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