AnkiHub Optional browser menu

There are two places in the browser sidebar menu where “AnkiHub Optional” tags can be found. At the top under the “Ankihub” section or under the “Tags” section itself. One thing I’ve noticed is when you open/close an optional tag in one of those places it will also cause it to open/close the dropdown menu sequence the same in the other. Personally, I think this makes the sidebar feel more crowded. It would be nice if it didn’t do that and would only open where I open it so I don’t have to have two duplicate dropdown menus open all the time making it harder to navigate.

Really low priority, but I think it would make the browser experience smoother.


I think we should keep the AnkiHub_Optional section under Tags too, but I agree it shouldn’t be affected by the entry under the AnkiHub section.

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a simple improvement - low priority I think.