AnKing and Canada

I’m REALLY thankful for the work that has gone into the AnKing deck and AnkiHub! I’ve been a long time follower and am also passionate about education and tech.

Is there info anywhere about using AnKing in Canada? Any recommendations from the team? Would love to read any/all suggestions, documentation, etc. Thanks in advance!

I’m a Canadian M1 and I’ve been using AnkiHub with AnKing Overhaul and uMich BlueLink. I believe the AnKing Overhaul deck has the potential to have a HUGE positive long-term impact on my medical education and life as a clinician. Note, I have started an optional tag for my school’s curriculum!

Thank you!!

I think you’re the first person to ask us about Canada-related exams so far so we do not have anything regarding that.

If you want documentation on what the deck was made from, this might help: ⭐️ Introduction to the AnKing Step Deck (V12)

I believe the MCCQE is the exam you are supposed to take (equivalent to step 1?).

I’ve heard the material is similar and I think the AnKing deck could prove to be useful for you. You will have to cross-reference and see what the licensing exam for Canada requires. I doubt it will cover everything but your best bet is to solve questions from MCCQE question banks and see if AnKing is sufficient. You can also ask upper years if they’ve done well on that exam and see if they’ve ever supplemented with AnKing etc.

It would be nice to have a group of Canadian med students work on making an optional tag for Canada-specific exams however! (Maybe you can spearhead that?)

That is great!! Goodluck, I hope it benefits everyone at your school :grin:

Thanks for the reply!

Thinking tagging the AnKing deck will be useful, especially with all the updates and work the team does on it! The quality of the cards you’ve made is AMAZING. Maybe I should supplement with a school specific addendum deck?

I could for sure look into starting an optional tag for Canada in the future! Have you and the team ever discussed what the future of the AnKing deck may look like for Canadian students? I’ve wondered if that’d be a better option to starting a brand new deck for Canadians


If your school is not pass/fail and focus on grades, then definitely. This is what I do, I learn the foundations of a topic using BNB, Sketchy, Pathoma + AnKing then near the in-house exam, I focus on lectures since they do tend to deviate from board materials (at least the case for me)

This is not something we have discussed, but depending on how closely the board exams for Canada are to the AnKing deck, I don’t see why we wouldn’t even be able to introduce a #MCCQE tag into the deck if there was enough support and help for that.

cc @TheAnKing