Anking V12 Missing Media

Hello, I saw a previous thread on missing medias but that thread no longer accepts new messages. I am pasting my missing media report here. Can someone help me resolve it?


I have 1840 missing files.

For context: I am updating v11 to v12. Back in v11, I also had some missing medias. The only tags I clicked to be protected are Lecture Notes and Missing Questions. But I see missing medias across multiple 3rd party tags like BnB and First Aid.

What fields are you missing media in (text, extra, sketchy, pixorize?)?

We do not sync First Aid media so we cannot provide images for that, please see this for more info on missing media, especially FA: Why don't I have all the media in the AnKing Step Deck?

Thanks for responding! As far as I can see, missing media (broken image icon) are seen in Extra and FA. The link you provided said I can reset all local changes, will this mess up my update to v12?