Auto Unsuspend Feature

As we continue to add new tags to the deck, it may be advantageous to implement a feature that automatically unsuspends cards associated with newly added tags. For instance, if a user unsuspends cards for a particular video and then, at a later date, another user adds new cards tagged with that same video, those cards should be unsuspended as well.

To facilitate this, I propose incorporating an additional menu option for tags that enables users to automatically unsuspend cards associated with that tag in the future. Users would be able to designate which tags should be subject to this automatic unsuspension feature.



This is an interesting idea. Maybe there is a more generic idea feature: When I am actively studying a, b, c, do x, y, z. Whatever a user is “actively studying,” could be expressed as any combination of:

  • a list of tags
  • a list of keywords
  • maybe other things

I.e., the workflow wouldn’t have to be limited to tags. A user could say, “automatically unsuspend cards with this keyword.”

I also wonder if this is something that should be mostly auto-detected. E.g., notes that have the same tag as a note that is being actively studied should always be resuspended. Seems like it might be tricky to find the right balance between automation and manual configuration.

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I support this and came to the forum to find this topic. I’m currently studying Step2 tags and am finding old Step1 only cards being retagged to Step2 but remaining suspended. I would support a function where I could set certain tags so that if any card gets that tag added, they automatically unsuspend.