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The category for general support questions related to using AnkiHub.

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Please include supporting information and documents such as screenshots, recordings, complete error messages, etc.

When i do my flashcards ,i noticed that b&b field is empty ! Should everyone add his screenshoots?

I once read that “lecture notes” and “missed question” are empty for users to add their notes ?

But what about “boards and beyonds” field?

And last not least,i protect lecture notes and missed qs fields on ankihub website ,so after any updates ,the two fields contents can’t change ,right?
Should i protect b&b and pathoma too???

Please refer to the wiki. The pathoma and boards fields are empty

AnKing deck wiki: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Thank u so much…so this meaning I can add screenshots to pathoma and B&B then protect all these fields(lecture notes+missed questions+B&B+pathoma),so I can be relax that my screenshoots will be preserved forever.right?


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