Best way to tag among two people?

I have been going through the Mehlman Medical PDF’s and adding screenshots to my lecture notes section and tagging the cards accordingly. For example, MM::CVS or MM::Endo. I’ve gone through a few PDF’s and my boyfriend is planning to do others so we can both use it. I know once I download my tag and send it to him, he can import it into their Anki, but say he updates a card I have already tagged MM and then sends me the file, my cards would be updated to the version of that file. What is the best way for us to go through this collaboration? Thank you!


If this is for the AnKing step deck, you can just use optional tags to do this and sync without having to send it to eachother

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Okay so I found the page for optional tags and how to create them!
So with an optional tag say 2 people add 2 different sets of pictures to the lecture notes section, when we sync, will both notes merge? I believe lecture notes is a protected field and we are trying to figure out how best to divide the work and still have all the content needed from the PDFs. Thank you!