Can I download Anking Step decks with $ 5 subscription?

Can I download Anking Step decks with $ 5 /month subscription? Not $55 annual pass but a monthly one. Thank you!

Yes any subscription gives full access to the platform

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I am new here. Could you send me the link or describe where the deck is? Were is the search bar for decks on AnkiHub?
Thank you so much!

I see reddit, without the link. I am confused

I see Anki Overhaul ( I do not what it is) and Anking Step 1, 2 for Hong Kong. Confused
Thank you Andrew!

Could you tell me the name of the deck?

Could you please tell me, should I download Anking v11 and then there will be an update to v12? Or there is a separate deck? ( I was trying to find “Anking v12” and could not)

The main deck in the top left with 12331 subscribers is the deck you’re looking for. Please read through ALL of the reddit post prior to trying to use it or you’re going to continue having quite a few problems. The wiki linked on that reddit post has instructions on how to update and use the deck.

I unzipped and moved the Anki file to the Program Files folder. In Anki it said that files uploaded, but no decks are seen in Anki ( I used a new and old accounts but none are there)

Can you walk us through exactly what you’re doing? Exactly what links you’re downloading, what you’re clicking, etc

Have you watched this tutorial video? AnkiHub Tutorial:


I uploaded deck with pictures on one account - I saw pictures in deck. It was great! But I changed my mind, deleted the deck, switched profile and wanted to upload deck on another user Anki profile (but same ANkiHub profile). It did not work . Pictures did not upload.
Ideas? Please

You’ll have to repeat all steps for each profile