Can not sync images


I am actually subscribed to anking deck , but when I press upload images it shows me this image

@asim1907 You don’t need to upload images for the AnKing deck. The images will be automatically downloaded in the background when you sync. If you look into the AnkiHub menu, you can see the status of the Media sync, it can either be “Idle”, “Downloading…” or “Uploading…”. For you it should currently say “Downloading…” until all images are downloaded, which can take a while.


Does the “Idle” text change after you sync with AnkiHub?

Can you check whether the images are downloaded already? (You can just pick any note in the AnKing deck and check if it has an image in the OME field if you didn’t have images before this.)

do you mean this?
I already had it

I think it started working

but stopped again , is it okay?

Yes, it should be okay. Are there any images which should be there missing from notes? Note that only images in these fields are synced for the AnKing deck right now: Sketchy, Sketchy 2, Sketchy Extra, OME.

sketchy step 1 or 2 or both?


I am sorry for disturbing you but I still don’t have any new image for sketchy or OME , I will wait until tomorrow hopefully it will change , anyway thank you for your attention

idle still there :frowning_face:

Which image is missing? When an image is missing, Anki shows a missing image icon like this:

Can you open a note where an image is missing and then click on the View on AnkiHub button and send me the link of the AnkiHub webpage that opens? Note that not every note has an image in its Sketchy and Sketchy 2 and Sketchy Extra fields.

It looks like you may already have images in your collection. We have not added any new images since v11 but we plan to in the near future

So it means there are only sketchy old images which I already had?
No news then , the images you made available I already have them from reddit media collection

That sounds correct. We’re going to start adding more now