Cannot Sync (Update AnkiHub)

My anki randomly will not let me sync. It says that I need to update ankihub. I deleted the ankihub add on and added it again, now it will not let me sign in to ankihub saying that I still need to update ankihub addon. I went to addons and it says no update found when I press “check for updates”.


I’m having the same problem and it won’t let me upload a log because I’m not signed in. When I try to sign in, it says that I need to update anki but there is no update for anki?

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Having the same problem

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Beat me to it. Having the same problem. Perhaps they are about to upload a new AnkiHub version and server ask for thats (yet unreleased) version?

There was a lag with the add-on release. It should be available on AnkiWeb now.
Please try to update again. Sorry about that!

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Same issue here

I knew it! Thanks for the info

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I am having the same issue since 3-25-24. It says there is an update available for ankihub, but won’t let me update or cancel. Anki is not working. I have force quit and restarted my computer and tried again and it’s showing the same pop up.

Hold shift when starting Anki up. Then you can go to tools at the top → addons → ankihub → update