Can't Correctly Import Supplemental Media for EndeavorOverhaul Deck

I subscribed to the EndeavorOverhaul deck here on AnkiHub (Sign In), and in the deck’s page, it says you need to separately import media. How do you do this? The link takes you to a .zip file. How do I import this, and also ensure it links up correctly with actual deck?

"After subscribing to the deck and importing it to Anki, you will have to import the media separately, which can be found here: - Google Drive "

I tried putting the .zip file into the folder on my Mac, then unzipping it, but when i reopen Anki, there are still images missing, as indicated by the generic image icon. Some images are present, but I suspect they are native to the EndeavorOverhaul deck, and not from the supplemental media file.

Please help!

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