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I downloaded media to my laptop,then went to import media “ankihub” function,but it’s one file named “Anking V-infinity” ,when i try to import this file,i found 2 files named the same ,if i choose one file ,anki tell me (Anking V-infinity ,directorynot found,please verify the correct directory name was given)
Extra note:there is a file under the “Anking V-infinity” file,named “”,so i tried to import this file and i failed ,what should i do?
Processing: 8D0E7644-F72A-4795-8CF1-7966C2E1D491.jpeg…
Processing: 97C22363-4D58-46B9-ACC8-20477B00F11D.jpeg…

After writing what it’s above,i tried by using mega link ,and anki tell me that there is a file has same media so i can import it,My Question
are there 460 media files ?
Am i ok ? Or i missed something?
Below are screenshots about all process,tell me if what i do is perfect or not ?

Download the collection media onto your desktop and unzip it. Then go to AnkiHub > import media > local > browse > find the folder and click on it > import.

This will get you all the images that are in the deck except for pixorize and physeo as those are hosted externally.

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Do I have to keep the original media file on my desktop, or can I delete it after importing?

You can delete it

I have the same issue, but where can I find the collection media folder.

Please see the answer here on the wiki

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