Using media from other decks


Thanks for your help. It seems like AnkiHub is using media from some of my other decks for certain cards. See below:

Any way to go about fixing this?



I can confirm that the correct image for this card should be as below. The HTML I have in my card for this is <img src="maxresdefault%20(9).jpg"> which matches what is on AnkiHub. I have noticed a few other users report that images appear differently despite having the same HTML (I assume that is the case with this user) but have never been able to reproduce it.

If they already had an image with the exact same name and then imported new images, it’ll duplicate and add extra characters. They can replace the current images in their folder manually if needed

How can I do this?

You can navigate to the collection media folder by going to tools-> addons, click any of them, then click “view files”. Navigate back one folder level to the “addons21” folder. In the same folder as the “addons21” folder is a folder that has the same name as your profile. Click that one and then click the folder. This is where all the media is stored. You can then drag and drop media files into here and replace them

Thank you. How can I tell, from the card, what file needs to be replaced? Is there a way to view the html of the card, or to view the image name, so I can know which image needs to be replaced?

Yeah you can do ctrl+shift+x to see the html of a card

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