Missing media files no matter what I do

Hi, I’ve gone through every single thread on this site about missing media files but I cant find anything that has helped me fix my problem. more than half of my cards have broken images, and media sync is idle, ive unsubscribed and resubscribed, ive installed the deck on a new user in anki, I cant figure out anything as to why i’m missing 2,131 media files.

for example: note:08b217f4-327f-4637-b613-ceb9eb870aea
Screenshot 2023-07-10 010445

I’m a total beginner so I’m really confused if I messed something up or what


Please make sure you have followed the relevant steps done in this Wiki

Here is more information on images, media, sources, etc.

Please ensure your FA/Additional resource is unprotected, if it is, please resubscribe to the AnKing deck and import media that way

Please note that in order to get Pixorize or Physeo images, you will need a separate subscription to these resources.

You can also try the following below:
Unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub addon → unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub website → resubscribe again on the website → press sync on anki → reimport media, that should fix it.

Also please let us know what are you missing specifically, are you missing all images in all fields?

Other than that, we do not own the media links, the FAQ and Wiki above can be of further help.

Hi, I watched the wiki vid already and I did follow all the steps and imported media from the google drive linked on the reddit post posted by Anking on reddit. I am not sure how to check my FA/Additional resource but I didn’t do anything to change my anki settings from whatever the default anki settings are. I have already tried unsubscribing and resubscribing multiple times but it still doesn’t work. From what I understand I dont see any pixorize/physeo tags/text on the cards missing. I’m sure there are some that are missing due to that but I have a lot where the question is not answerable without the image. I checked and see that some cards have images and they are labeled as “modified after sync” and then there all of the ones I’m missing are under the category “not modified after sync”. I totally understood that there would be some missing images but I didn’t think there would be so many missing images with some questions unable to answer without seeing the images. They also seem to be all under the tags temporary image fix.

Here are some examples of the missing media files
Screenshot 2023-07-10 221525

And here are the 8 unused media files
Screenshot 2023-07-10 221418

Ok, I figured out how to do unprotect the additional resource field. The media is still missing.

Can you let me know what boxes have checks next to them on your AnkiHub?


We are automatically syncing the text and extra fields, so you should not be missing them

Physeo and Pixorize you will not be able to see them regardless if you do not have a subscription from there. You have to subscribe to Physeo and Pixorize in order to get media from them. You can find those links here:


Can you check to see if your media sync says idle or downloading?

If the images are not showing up especially if they have the image replacement tag, then it must do with your connection as these are not found in any media folders. We just sync them.

If you unprotected your additional resources field, you will have to redownload the deck again. Then reimport media again and you should be able to see the additional resources field.

Media sync says idle, I redownloaded the deck after unprotecting resources. I also have found that not a single one of my essential questions has any images at all rendering them all unanswerable. Please help.
Here are the boxes I have checked

Here are some examples of cards I have missing. Are these supposed to have missing images? They are unanswerable without the images.

I just realized this is about the MCAT deck. There is no media files to download for the MCAT deck, only the AnKing deck which is why my solutions have not been working. I will notify the relevant people and get back to you soon

They are in the process of replacing all the images in the MCAT deck, therefore this wont be an issue in the future as they will be syncing automatically.

Please go to this link and read the front page of the MCAT AnKing deck, it will tell you how to get the media. Please try that and it should work, sorry for the troubles!

Is there a different deck for MCAT review that has images or is there an ETA on image replacement? my exam is coming up and I’m really worried about not having a good anki deck to review.

All the images are there, some are just from the media pack. Import the media from that link and you will have access to the images

I used that link as I stated in my earlier posts and imported all the images from the anking reddit post which has the google drive media pack. The media files are still not there, which renders majority of questions unanswerable.

You used the MCAT reddit link right?

Can you go through what you did to reimport the files so I can help you troubleshoot?

1.) I paid for ankihub and entered the website
2.) I followed the steps to add the ankihub add on
3.) I subscribed to the MCAT deck on the anki hub website and checked to see if I was subscribed on the add on as well
4.) I hit sync
5.) I was given the option to delete missing cards (recommended)
6.) (I did not do this the first time but since I have reinstalled multiple times the “this deck does not match with anki web” notif pops up and I always hit upload to ankiweb because when I hit download from ankiweb once it deleted all of my subdecks)
7.) I go to the reddit link and copy the google drive file link
8.) I hit import media on the ankihub add on and import from google drive link (Now when I redo this step it says 0 media files imported because I already have the 260 something files)
9.) I hit sync a bunch of times
10.) I still have like 0 media files

I looked at the reddit link you linked me and it appears 2 other people have the same issue of not having any media files in the comments from the last 7 days. Majority of questions are unanswerable.

Can you try clicking import from local file? Download it to your computer then import it using the local file button and see if that potentially solves it

I mean it says it uploaded the 235 images from the media import file but i’m missing like 2,000+ other images

@andrew do you know what is going on?

I’m not that well versed with the MCAT deck but im assuming the link to the media should still be working?

Just looked through the images in the media link and then compared to the media collection I have in anki currently they have in fact all been added to deck. These are not the images I’m having issues with. I have my exam in 3 weeks and majority of image based questions look like this (all different questions)

anki 3
anki 4
anki 5

Just to confirm, you clicked on the MCAT link in the comment section of the post correct? Not the post itself

Just gonna post this here as a guide:

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No, the one linked in the post, is there one in the comments???