Cards taking long to relieve after hitting space bar

Recently my Anki has been moving slow. When reviewing cards, it takes 10-20secs for the cards to show after I hit the space bar. Is this a issue with an update or…I’m on version ⁨23.10.1

Version ⁨23.12.1 not 23.10.1

Did this occur with 23.10?

Try downgrading to 23.10 to see if this resolves. Are you on MacOS?

I’m on MacOS, issue starting when I downloaded FSRS helper add-on

If you disable that addon, does the issue go away?

If you have a M1 MacBook, you can try to download the Intel version instead of the Mac silicon Anki version. This issue would occur to me in previous Anki versions where using the Silicon version of Anki would be very slow, but switching to Intel version would make it blazing fast.

Ok thank you. I will try

disable reschedule siblings in fsrs helper addon

Currently only have “Load Balancer when rescheduling on”. I’m waiting for Anki 23.10.1 to finish download and see it that fixes the issue

Also you can try what @alik recommended