Cards w/ Protected Tags Updated

Is there a way to have a sub-tag automatically added to the cards that are protected that have had an update to that field after we added the protect tag?

Sometimes I use the protect tag for formatting the card to something that works better for me but I want to know when there’s an update just in case there was a change to the content info or something like that.


Second this request!

Looks like this was implemented by adding the tag AnkiHub_Protect::All

I’m looking for something to indicate that the card has been updated.

Even though I don’t want the card to be updated because perhaps I added a cloze, I want to be able to look at what the update was to see if I would want to update on a case by case basis)

Maybe something like “when an update is prevented by a protected tag” tag note with

IDK what it would take or how hard it would be to make that happen but that’d be nice.

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