Update tags by field

Hello! I was wondering if I could request an update tag by field, especially for the ‘Text’ field.

I have several notes with additional clozes that I’ve added ‘AnkiHub_Protect::Text’ to.

Having an update tag by field will allow me to check only updates to cards that I’ve added ‘AnkiHub_Protect::Text’ to so that I can also personally update the info.

Thank you so much!

Would love a follow up on this. Would really make updating ‘Text’ fields so much more easier.

Are you asking for a special tag with the opposite function to AnkiHub_Protect? Shouldn’t simply removing the tag from the notes you want to update work? You can remove tags in bulk from the browser if needed.

I think what they mean is

If I have a field protected by AnkiHub protect, but that field receives an update from AnkiHub, then a notification saying “this field has updates, want to overwrite them”?

@keithalexius let us know if this is what you meant


I meant so that any updates that make changes to the ‘Text’ field be tagged as “Updated_Text” (example tag, can be any other tag).

I have a lot of notes with additional clozes which I’d like to keep which is why I also tagged them with “AnkiHub_Protect::Text”. This is so that updates don’t automatically make changes to the Text field on the notes that I’ve intentionally modified.

Having an “Updated_Text” tag would help a ton in updating my personalized Anking deck as I don’t really care for any other updates to other fields (e.g. Extra, First Aid, Sketchy, etc.) besides the Text field, since it’s the Text field that really contains the actual information I memorize. The problem with this is that some notes that I’ve protected may have outdated information on the Text field, hence why I regularly check for updated cards in the browser.

Currently, how I check for updates is that I go to browser then look for all cards tagged with the AnkiHub update tag and also AnkiHub_Protect::Text tag. The problem with this is that not all updates make changes to the Text field, which makes it very tedious as I have to manually check all updated cards that often don’t even touch the Text field. Usually, I have to check around 10 notes per day but this sometimes can go over 100+ depending on how many updates there are.

Having an “Updated_Text” tag would solve this problem. I can just put both “Updated_Text” and “AnkiHub_Protect::Text” tags in the browser, and then see if there are any updates to cards that I’ve intentionally protected.

Essentially the same function, but yeah haha. I think tagging might be easier though.

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