Sync Individual Card

I have some cards that I have used the “AnkiHub_Protect” tag on. It seems that the card won’t update unless there is an update to that card after I remove the tag

Is there a way to sync and individual card? Or have it that it syncs those cards as well?

I’d rather not unsubscribe and then resubscribe again bec it seems when I do that I get a bunch of cards that were tagged to be deleted (which I already deleted) back in my deck.

In the browser there is a top menu “AnkiHub” that has an option to reset an individual card!


Clicking this will set the card to whatever the last update was?


The add-on downloads field and tag contents of updated notes even if you have them set as protected. Then you can use the “Reset local changes” action to get these contents into your notes and cards.