Protecting Extra and Text Except for Errata?

Hi there,
I’ve been using Anking version 9 for my clerkship year and am about to start dedicated. I understand that for Ankihub there’s a way to protect text and extra fields.

I am asking if Ankihub has a way of doing something like the migration of errata subdecks as demonstrated in this youtube video How to Update Anki Decks with the special fields add-on to preserve scheduling & edits (Pre-AnkiHub) - YouTube at 13:01 , so that I can protect the extra and text fields for the cards I’ve already changed or including my personal notes and images on, but still get the updates for content issues. I hope that makes sense–I am looking to update from a personalized version of anking 9 and it seems to me if I were to do ankihub my only option would be to protect text and extra fields and just get new cards while syncing?

On the AnkiHub documentation there’s a video for how to protect individual fields of individual notes. You should be able to do that by adding a tag manually prior to subscribing to the deck and it should protect everything. AnkiHub Updates

I’ve not actually tried this before so make sure to make a backup Anki: How to Backup and Restore From Backup: Anki: How to Backup and Restore From Backup - YouTube