Change an image in all cards that has it

Hello every one
I was trying to find out how can I change a certain image in the a card (ie newer image of first aid page), and make it to change all the other same images in different cards through the deck without the need to change it manually in each card
e.g. a certain card about “sepsis” has an older version of FA image regarding sepsis/ I want to change this image and make it to replace the old pic in each card about sepsis that has the old version.
any advice? thanks

You can use Find and Replace for that:

thanks for the reply!
how should I use it for images?

by viewing the html of the field. click into a field and “ctrl/cmd +shift+x” or click the “<>” symbol above the field. copy the name of the image you want to replace and use that in the find and replace.

Thanks for the reply!!
a noobie here lol, sorry for the question;
I copied the current image HTML (eg. ) and replaced it with the name of the new image (eg SNRI-fa2023.jpg) in the find and replace option of the browser. didn’t work. probably doing it wrong. any guidance would be more than appreciated!! thanks!!

Maybe you can try adding the image in a card first, then doing the steps above (so anki registers the HTML as a pre-existing image)

  • Make sure to select all cards you want to search. This may sound obvious but it’s easy to miss.
  • Try copying only the old filename from the image HTML. The HTML will be something like <img src='image.png'>. Only copy image.png to the Find field.

how can I choose all the cards that has this image? or should I just select the entire deck and then use “find and replace”?

Yes, you can select the entire deck.

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