Complement picture is causing anki to freeze

Because of the new picture of complement pathways in “extra” field

  1. Anki on PC (intel i7, 16gb ram): after the card containing the image is shown to me, I press “show answer” button: answer won’t show, buttons appear, anki won’t respond to any inputs. After about a minute the cards flips and finally shows the answer with the picture. anki becomes responsive again.
  2. Anki on ipad pro: after pressing “show answer” button, card screen freezes on the front of the card, the buttons (again, hard etc) appear. At this point spamming the “show answer/good” button lets me continue reviewing the cards, albeit while not seeing them bc the complement card is stuck on the screen (w/o the answer, just the front of the card).
    Current workaround: exit the deck after I answer any card mentioning the complement system (it has to contain this image). Then reenter the deck, this makes the next card appear correctly.

The image is very nice though ;'(


I told this user to post their issue here, lmk if you have any insight

This sounds similar to the recent graphics issue. @ChetLow Can you try changing your video driver from the preferences? This is only relevant for the computer version though.

Even without changing the driver the card flipped much better on PC, although with a noticeable delay of roughly 4 seconds after the button was pressed.
I’ve tried it with standard direct3D, vulkan, openGL and software ones right now. No difference. Still 4-sec flip delay.

No changes on ipad though.

OK. I’m also noticing a lag with this particular image (~2 seconds in my case). This appears to be caused by the image’s high resolution (8662 × 9450 px)

We can reduce it on all cards, I’ll do that soon

the resolution has been reduced, @chetlow try now

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No problems on PC, cards are stable. 2-sec delay, but that’s ok.
No changes on ipad thoug :frowning: