Cloze reveals take too long/lags to reveal when image is in "Extra" field

Ever since earlier this past weekend (was NOT an issue the week of April 1). Whenever I hit space bar to reveal the answer of an AnKing card, the screen goes blank (grey anki background), and i have to unmaximize, highlight the screen, click around the screen for the answer and remaining content to populate the screen.

This has thrown me off my rhythm when trying to do a bunch of cards. How can I fix this lag?

I have noticed that this is only an issue when the revealed answer includes a picture in the “extra” section. Perhaps the resolution of the pic is too high? I tried all video graphics settings in the Anki Preferences menu and all of them have this problem (except Vulcan which makes Anki screen go black and unusable).

I’m on a Lenovo T14 Gen2 and Windows 11.

We got a report of this caused by a high resolution image. What’s the ID of the note?


It’s not a single note - it appears to be any note that has an image in the Extra field. For example, nearly all of the cards with the AnKing image for Leukemia/Lymphoma classification took forever to load. Two weeks ago the problem was only with the direct/indirect Coombs test card (in the Zanki Heme Onc deck) but now the problem is progressively worse and affects numerous other cards. I will send specific note IDs later today, I have a test in a few hours will do it afterwards

@beejumm whats the resolution on that image?

@abdo.nh unfortunately this is occuring with alot of the anking illustrations since they are high resolution. I wonder what the cut off/threshold is before an image causes the extra section to lag

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The older uploads I did seemed to be losing a lot of their quality, so I upped it a bit on this one

What’s the size (megabytes) of the image? I think its best to go back since I do experience lag as well on those cards, I wish there was a way to make this not happen though

1.08 MB, not a large file at all

Hmm you’re right, so is it due to the high initial resolution that’s causing this, not necessarily the size?

Yeah I guess so, cause the file size isn’t that large so as to cause a lag
And uploading in a lower resolution makes the image look grainy, esp when doing cards on a large screen

I could reduce the resolution a bit, I do think that would fix the lag issues

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Could I do a temporary fix like disable media in the extra field when revealing a card? If there’s such an option in the meantime that would be great.

Not sure whether there is a threshold (the lag depends on the computer’s performance too). But this might be related to a known issue in the Qt6 build: Install & Upgrade - Anki Manual

@ajay.peddada Can you try downloading the Qt5 build of Anki and see if that fixes the issue?

Will do, i’ll lyk once i install