Configuration lost after Sync on Ankihub

Hello guys, I hope you are doing great! So my problem or well not a real problem, just a preference thing is that “View notes on ankihub” distracts me from the card which is crazy but I know where the code is which is in the back of the card, and I remove it but everytime I sync with ankihub, it appears again, this also happens with my fields order, I like to put it in for example, Text, extra, first aid, pathoma, pixorize, etc but everytime again when I sync, this order appear again of what it used to be! So what could I do to retain my configuration? Thanks!

Are you using the AnKing Note types add-on? If not, get it and import the “AnKing Overhaul” note type - changes you make to this should protect your note styling from AnkiHub syncs