Deck showing 0 cards

For what it’s worth, I’m having the same problem. I’ve done all the steps outlined in that link. There are no empty cards, and Text/Extra are not protected fields (I have tried checking them → saving → unchecking them → saving again). I have reset local changes twice to no effect.

What, exactly, is the root issue that causes this?

Can you take a screenshot of what your anki looks like? Also take some screenshots of what some cards look like

I can’t show any cards, because I can’t even start the deck, unless I’m missing something obvious (I’m pretty new to Anki in general).

The cards are definitely there in some sense, because I can see rather a lot when I click Browse.

This should fix your issue

Hmm yes, that does seem to open up a few cards. I did watch most of the introductory videos, although your Step 1 video is currently missing in action, so that’s not helpful. I saw an awful lot about note types, and I don’t remember reading anything at all about suspended cards.

Is this how it’s supposed to work? Do we “unsuspend” different groups based on what we want to cover? Do we unsuspend the whole deck? What’s the intention here?

Yes, the deck is suspended because there are a ton of cards. What you can do is go to browse → on the left hand side you will see tags → click on #AK_Step1_V12 → find a resource you want to do

Personally, when I started, I did boards and beyond and started with microbiology, so I’d watch the first video for microbiology then open “unsuspend” the cards associated with that first video and so on

These playlists may be helpful

Ok, thanks.

I guess, just a bit of feedback: I much prefer written guides over videos, so I read mainly over the wiki first and only referred to the videos only when it seemed necessary. I’ll watch the videos if that’s your main method of dispensing the actual “Getting Started” instructions, but it would be helpful if that playlist then is emphasised as being exactly that on your wiki, like, right at the top.

Thanks for your time though.

Thank you for the feedback, we are actually in the process of merging the documentation onto the community (this website). Its almost ready to go public.

We will take your feedback into consideration and expand on the suspending features etc.

If you need anything please let us know!

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