Downloaded V12 yesterday, now missing entire deck

Downloaded V12 a few months ago, then deleted yesterday at the suggestion of my friend because I was missing all media files and she got them w/o having to import media files (which I had previously tried and it didnt work.)

Then, I unsubscribed and re-subscribed to download the deck again. Only 23,000 cards were present when there should have been closer to ~35k. I deleted and tried the process again of unsubscribing and subscribing and now I have 2 cards lol.

Could anyone please help me figure out what went wrong/ how to fix and get the full deck?

Edit: Tried making a new anki profile after deleting my old anki profile, and now I have the full deck but its missing all the media…

What media are you missing?

If you are missing text, extra, sketchy, or pixorize related media, it should download but it takes a while, you can check the progress by looking at the ankihub addon menu shown below:

If it says idle it means it should have finished the media syncing and you should be able to see all the images

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 12.02.22 AM

Also ensure your text and extra fields are not protected, you can check this here:

If you are missing any other media, please go through this documentation for the answer: