Empty Card Fields When Subscribing to AnKing Deck

When attempting to subscribe to the AnKing deck, all cards appear as empty in all fields, however tags appear to populate appropriately. The issue persists even after checking the protected data section in AnkiHub and ensuring that no fields or tags are protected. I am running Anki 2.1.57 Qt6 and all add-ons are up to date. See video below which demonstrates the steps taken to reproduce the error.

Steps to Reproduce:
Go to the AnkiHub
Attempt to subscribe to the AnKing deck
Observe that all card fields are empty, but tags are populated

Expected Result:
Cards should display all fields

Actual Result:
All fields in the cards appear empty (as shown in the video)

System Information:
Anki Version: 2.1.57 Qt6 (also replicable on 2.1.54)
Add-ons: All up to date

Video demonstrating the steps taken to reproduce the error (just prior to start of recording I cleared all decks and subscribed to the AnKing deck)

High: I have noticed 2 separate users today alone with this issue (one in video, and second community report here)


Was this a first-time install? Or was there a version of the deck already present?

Can you share logs?

I just attempted a fresh install and was not able to reproduce it.

It would also be great to get the AnkiHub usernames of the users who have seen this issue.


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Here’s the one from the video: ankihub_addon_logs_7aeba_1675360040.log

Hi, I was told to submit my logs here; however, I do not know how to do that.

on your main anki screen, top left go to ankihub, then scroll down to help, then press upload logs, then copy and paste the code on the screen after it is done uploading, like the one above @parasiteeater13

Ok, here is the log? ankihub_addon_logs_319bd_1675466850.log

Also, just to let you know. Anking works perfectly fine on my other computer iirc. The issue only happened on my laptop.

@parasiteeater13, if you go to Sign In β†’ click the option button (...) on the top right β†’ manage protected data β†’ and then expand both IO-one by one (AnKing / AnKingMed) and AnKingOverhaul (AnKing / AnKingMed), are any of these boxes checked?


Is this in Ankihub or Anki program itself?

Nwm, found it. All are checked except IO and ankihub ID

This is why your cards are empty. Do you recall checking those boxes? You will need to go back to the screen I mentioned above on AnkiHub and uncheck (unprotect) the fields which you would like AnkiHub to populate. After doing this on AnkiHub, sync from the AnkiHub add-on. If your fields are still empty, try unsubscribing from the add-on, then resubscribing again.