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I have noticed that many new images in the Anking Overhaul deck have hyperlinks that open up a webpage when you click on them. This is frustrating on mobile where the image takes up the majority of the screen. It is difficult to quickly go through cards without safari opening. I would request that hyperlinks on the image itself be removed. And example of this is card “f8e82104-1ba0-4c07-be20-f6641dfff711”


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I can see how that would be frustrating. Can you provide a note id?

Here are a few that I saw. But I have seen countless others as well. I think a better solution would be to keep the links to the image under the photo credit text and not the actual image itself.


I believe these are the AnkiHub IDs. The note ID for the first one is 1579668619211. In the future, they’re listed on AnkiHub or you can go to Cards->Info.

I was able to find the issue. Here is my suggestion that I made. Do ctrl+shift+x in a field, then remove the html like I’ve shown here. You’ll want to remove <a href="link"> from the from side and </a> from the back side. In the middle should be <img =“image name”>. If you’re not comfortable doing it, you can share here and we can have someone do it.

@Ahmed7 can we keep an eye on this? Seems to affect the wiki media images. I can see why it’d be annoying to have the whole image be a hyperlink

Yes will do! It looks like based on the cards @lukejchanner sent, this is only occurring from section 22 of the image replacements. So perhaps its only those.

@lukejchanner I have gone ahead and removed them for the ones you have suggested, if you would like you can suggest those changes based on @TheAnKing’s instructions above and I’ll be more than happy to accept them for you!

Thanks for looking into this and explaining the note vs ankihub id. When I come across any others I will make sure to suggest a change. Thanks again!


Thanks for the great feedback @lukejchanner! This is how we improve the deck for everyone!

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