Glitch with Subdecks when friend added my published deck to their Anki using AnkiHub

I have published my deck and allowed sub-decks. See Top part of photo

When my friend added it to their anki the decks were messed up and it looked like this. See bottom part of photo

Hope I can get some support

Not a dev and I have no idea what is causing this, but I found something interesting in the bottom picture:

The numbers don’t add up: 79 from BIOL411 and CHEM403 56
79 + 56 does not equal 138 (parent BIOL 411 deck)
79 + 56 = 135

That must mean there are three cards in the parent BIOL411 deck. Maybe you added them and then renamed the deck? Something like this? (But again - i am not a dev - i have no idea)

Thare are other factors. New card count for today cannot be higher than the overall. Imagine if there are only 56 new cards in the deck and you setting is 100, you will see 56 new cards and not 100.

Is he using different settings for the “defualt” deck preset? Specially the daily new card count.

Alright it was just a one time glitch I guess. I republished my deck and got my friend to re add the deck and it worked fine. Odd