How to get pixorize to show in my anki cards


My anki cards have the pixorize media in the pixorize field but it doesn’t show up when I do my cards afterwards. How do I get that field to show up in my anki cards. Thank you.


Can you take a screenshot of your cards when you are doing them?

After you flip the card, you should see the Pixorize button show up at the bottom. Note that not all cards have Pixorize images

Heres a pixorize card that doesn’t have the button at the bottom.


Can you take a screenshot of that card’s pixorize field? Go to browse → find that card → scroll to pixorize and take a picture

here is the pixorize field in browse


Do you have the anking note types addon? Did you ever try hiding one of the fields or something?

If you did you can reset the note type to fix this

I dont have the add on. Do you think getting it would fix my problem?

Perhaps, try installing it and see if it fixes the issue