How to see new cards in logical order?

A while back, a previous version of the AnKing Overhaul Step deck had all cards arranged in a logical sequence. For example, if I went to the FA Biochem tag and selected the topic of glycolysis, all the cards were arranged to correspond to the steps of glycolysis in a sequential order. So first card seen would be talking about hexokinase phosphorylating glucose.

The current version of the AnKing Overhaul step deck has the order of cards completely random. You can see a card for step 5 of glycolysis before you see a card for step 2 of glycolysis, etc.

Any way to fix this? Otherwise makes studying very difficult if using Anki as the primary resource. Thanks

You can fix this by creating a custom filtered deck and setting the option

Here is an example, setting it to order added will make it sequential

Thanks for your reply Ahmed! I have to create a custom filtered deck for each topic I select. Or can I do it for the entire AnKing Deck?!

I think you will have to create custom filtered decks for your use case

I created a sample deck just now, it says this at the following at the top of the deck:
“This is a special deck for studying outside of the normal schedule. Cards will be automatically returned to their original decks after you review them. Deleting this deck from the deck list will return all remaining cards to their original deck.”

“The statement cards will automatically return to their original decks after you review them” entails what exactly? After I delete the deck they return or they return automatically after they enter the “review” stage?