Images suggested not showing on AnkiHub

Images suggested aren’t appearing on AnkiHub, I’ve tried resuggesting with a new suggestion, restarting AnkiHub, nothing is working. No new add-ons installed recently

It’s been happening for around a week, but resuggesting would work
Now, that’s not working either :frowning:

Copy pasting the html from a suggestion that’s successfully uploaded and replacing on a suggestion that isn’t working seems to fix it

See example 1, example 2

Does this happen with any image? Wikimedia? Png? Jpeg? Or just illustrations?

I haven’t noticed, but I can say it’s happening when I’m trying to upload pngs and gifs

Would the image source make a difference?

It can, this used to happen a ton with wikimedia images. I would have to take a screenshot of the image and upload it otherwise it doesn’t work

Hmmm I’ll try converting the image to a jpg and try