Pictures not showing up on AnkiHub

When trying to accept a few image suggestions yesterday, some images were not showing up despite waiting overnight. This occurred to me and another user. For me I bulk suggested around 7 notes, and everything showed up except one picture, even after my Ankihub addon said “idle”, I merged it and it still did not show up despite syncing. I submitted it twice again and it still did not show up, then I redownloaded the picture again in another resolution and uploaded but still had the same problem.

Same with Andy’s images, some are not showing up even though it was a bulk suggestion and all the other pictures worked fine.

My suggestion: Sign In

1 of Andys: Sign In

Andy found a fix! It might have something to do with Wikimedia commons, the source of the pictures. Taking a screenshot of the image then uploading that fixed it

This is the file for my image: File:Wegener's granulomatosis -b- high mag.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Andy thinks it might be from how old the pictures are? The one i uploaded was one from 2011, and the one he uploaded was 2006, so that might be the reason why. Either way we know how to troubleshoot this in the future