Initial Installation of AnkiHub


I just subscribed a few days ago.

After watching most of the videos and going through the change logs and FAQs, I am still unsure if some of the prerequisites for installation are still required. I understand AnKing is posting regular updates, but some of the instructions point to videos from over 2 years ago.

Do I still need to install the special fields add-on and the V2 experimental scheduler add-on? Has the AnKing Note Types add-on incorporated these features? Have these tools been merged into the AnkiHub add-on making them obsolete?

For some background, I have a mature Zanki Step 2 deck in my collection and I plan to use the AnKing Collaborative deck to study for Step 3 and the Canadian exams (using Canki and my previously completed Zanki Step 2 cards.)

It would be great if someone knowledgeable was able to put together an up-to-date install guide or even a doc pointing to the most recent updates / recommendations. Maybe something collaborative would help?

I apologize if this issue has already been addressed. I have scoured the AnKing site, add-on page and GitHub repos and I am really confused! :confused:

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Things not to ask about here:

Please include supporting information and documents such as screenshots, recordings, complete error messages, etc.

The only prerequisites I consider absolutely necessary for using AnkiHub smoothly are the following:

Installing the deck is fairly easy and any questions that arise will be found in the reddit post or the wiki: