Is it possible to enhance my learning with Additional Questions in an Anking Card

I am interested in enhancing my learning by adding a few extra questions in the text field that address some of the knowledge mentioned in the “extra” section. This way, I can revise them before answering the card.

I thought maybe there is a way to add an extra question or two, something like the bonus questions that you have, to the text field but also to be separated from the AnkiHub updates. It doesn’t have to be in the text field; maybe I can add an extra field or something like that. In other words, I want to have an advanced option that allows me to answer an extra question or two about the same card.

I can create new cards, but I prefer to have these additional questions in the same card. This way, I don’t have to answer them all the time, and I can remember them as blocks instead of random bits.


You can do this by writing whatever you like in the text field. But the caveat is that you have to protect the text field of that specific card to prevent it from being overwritten.

I know that
I am looking for sth that can give me the ability to have the updates and also my notes (i want them to be separated from the text field but visible near or next to it or above it if you know what i mean)
Even if it means creating a new field above the text field (but i think this doesn’t work with ankihub) or maybe third party addon

You can put the questions in a protected field like Lecture Notes.