Media: unused and missing files in AnKing V12


Quick question. I ran the “check media” function and it turned out that I have 6842 missing files and 6794 unused files. Now, I understand that missing files are due to absence of physeo, pixorize images since I didn’t buy their subscription but I wonder why 6794 images are unused…
I have been using AnKing V12 since November, downloaded the deck and images following the steps on reddit but just noticed this weird number.

Does anyone know why there are so many unused images? Am I safe to deleted them since “Image Support” is now functional via AnkiHub?

One additional question, when I read the email sent regarding the groundbreaking “Image Support” functionality, it mentioned that “Media files will not be initially uploaded for these [text and extra] fields”. This doesn’t mean that those who downloaded the deck will lose these pictures, right? It’s just that they continue not to appear in AnkiHub as they usually did… ? And, images for which approval/reference cannot be obtained will ultimately be replaced by AnkiHub designers… ? :thinking:

Sorry, I know this may be obvious for some, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask :smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

Those could be images from cards you’ve deleted or images on your personal notes or a variety of other things. You should be ok to delete them.

Your understanding about the replacement process is correct. They just won’t show up on AnkiHub but if you already had them locally they’ll continue to show up. We’ll be replacing some of them but we’ve taken steps to ensure they’re the same or better quality and you won’t lose out on any key information needed for studying

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Wonderful! and thanks for the feedback…