Migrating from original AnKing to Anking Overhall/Hub

Newly subscribed to AnkingOverhall/Hub with Membership.

Is it possible to move my pre-suspended cards from “Anking” (the public deck, not overhauled), to the new overhaul/hub deck?

[ I did see this FAQ answer, which looks like a similar issue, but don’t think the solution works: Accidentally created new deck ]

This may not affect the solution, but just noting that downloading the “Overhaul” deck did update some of the “Anking” (OG) cards; I can see the new information in the media of old cards as I am using them today.

You can go to browse → decks → select the deck you want to move the cards from → highlight all of the cards → right click → change deck → select the deck you want the cards to go to