Missing Values in Database - Downloading and Importing Decks Again

Hello, after finally updating AnkiHub after 4 months (I had a separate error that I didn’t know how to fix until I found the solution on this forum), I am now getting the following message when attempting to sync with AnkiHub.

Everything has gone flawlessly with updating the decks. My one concern is, if I select yes to this prompt and AnkiHub downloads and imports decks again, will the content I have added to protected fields (e.g., Lecture Notes) be erased? I know that normally these fields are protected with syncing, but I worry that this won’t be the case if decks are re-downloaded and imported again. To me, this seems to imply a wipe of all user-created fields.

tl;dr Question: will my protected fields remain protected if I accept this prompt?

Yes, your protected fields will remain protected.

The add-on also creates a backup before the import which you can restore from if, for example, you realize that you didn’t protect the fields you wanted to protect. See Backups - Anki Manual for information on how to restore your collection from a backup.

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