Need help updating V11 to V12 with existing tag from upperclassman

Hi! I have viewed several similar posts seeking support but can’t seem to find the solution. Thank you admin for your help in advance.


  1. I’ve originally downloaded an upperclassman’s version of V11 & school deck, school deck is original cards, but she also tagged relevant cards from V11 - she also emphasized I had to import V11 FIRST and then the school deck so her tags would apply to V11
  2. I downloaded V12 from ankihub, (at that point there were substantial cards in both V11 and V12, and there were no overriding of cards), but to save space I decided to delete V11 & school deck as I did not want to use it anymore
  3. I decided to RE-import school deck, but V12 does not have tags relating it to school-relevant topics
  4. I tried re-importing the previous V11 deck but it shows all cards already exist (as V12 is imported already), no new V11 tags were imported, the V12 cards are unchanged
  5. I decided to delete the V12 cards (but first exported all the cards by selecting all cards under tag Step1_V12 to save progress, then deleted them by selecting all cards under tag and delete note), and re-imported V11, then re-imported the school deck
  6. I now have the old set up in 1), but lost the progress in my V12 cards, I tried to sync it with V12 through unsubscribing and resubscribing V12 on ankihub again, but it just overrode the V11 version (previously it did not override). Also when I try to import my saved version of V12 cards, for ~600 cards it says note type not found, and the rest was not imported either as it said notes already exists, the tags were not updated either, only V11 tag shows

Recap of current situation:

  • Anki currently has: V11 with tags, School deck
  • I’ve exported: V12 with progress, school deck with progress
  • Deleted: Step1_V12 (currently subscribed on ankihub but deleted the cards manually on anki)
  • On ankiapp: V12 with progress as I did not sync the device

Goal: Ideally, I can use the updated version of V12 with my school deck, but have my upperclassman’s tag transferred to all the cards in the updated V12 version, while still maintaining the progress I made in the V12 deck, would that be possible at all?

Once again, apologies for the complicated situation. I tried to work around it but am limited in my familiarity with Anki :frowning:

I wanted to double check if there’s any more information I can provide to help with explaining the situation

Have you tried restoring to an Anki backup to bring back the progress you made? After restoring the backup you could then make the adjustments you need to

Hmmm. Thanks for replying. I was under the impression that if I restore the backup with V12, it will erase the V11 I currently have wouldn’t it?

Hmmm yeah you’re probably right. Definitely a complicated situation, that probably goes over my level of knowledge, but doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution out there potentially.

You can potentially look and see if your school has an optional tag through AnkiHub

i can try doing that, would it be possible at all to try to get in touch with one of the Anki admins as well? I don’t mind paying a little extra I just really want to get this issue resolved​:smiling_face_with_tear:

Once again, thank you tho for helping!!

You could try “” if no one else here is able to find a ready solution

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