How to upload tags from old version of Anking deck to V12

Some upperclassmen tagged the V9 of the Anking deck with our course curriculum. I have V12 of the Anking deck and was wondering if there is a way to upload the upperclassmen deck without changing the current V12 cards to the older version of the Anking deck? I want the class tags but don’t want to change my current version of the Anking cards.

You’re not at SGU are you?

I need to make a tutorial for this but here’s the steps:

  1. Export one card from the v12 anking note
  2. Import v9 into a new profile
  3. Import the one v12 card. Delete it. (You just import it for the note type)
  4. In the browser select all notes, then right click and change note type. Change to the new AnKingOverhaul (AnkiHub/AnKingMed) note type
  5. Delete all other tags and name your school tags to something obvious, everything all under one head tag
  6. Change the deck name to something silly and recognizable (you’ll see why later)
  7. Export
  8. Go to your main profile (probably good to backup at this point)
  9. Download the special fields addon. Go to tools->special fields and click the “import tags” button
  10. Import the file

You’ll now have the tags and can create an optional tag group on AnkiHub and then upload them!

If you run into issues or need someone else to do this for you let me know


No, I’m not at SGU.

Thank you so much for this! I’ll give it a try!

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Let me know if you need help or run into issues!

Hi there, when I get to step 9 I can’t find the “import tags” button. What am I missing?

It’s right above %%keep%%

I thought this would open an import window. Now I see it is just to update the settings. Thanks!

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I am from SGU. Is there another way of uploading tags without following the steps listed above? Currently using V12 and the tags I want to import are for V11

Thank you

I don’t think so… what are you trying to do?

Currently, using V12. I want to add my schools tags so it’s a bit easier to find lecture related cards. If I download the deck that has the SGU tags. Will it affect any of my current cards that are V12? The deck I am downloading with the tags of linked to my school lecture is not V12.

I know I will have duplicates and need to delete them afterwards. But what is the process of adding school relevant tags to the V12 deck.

Thank you and sorry for any confusion.

Are these different than the SGU optional tags I’ve already uploaded?

I would not recommend just importing them. If anything, just upload the v11 file here (without media) and I can fix it quickly for you

I believe so. Where are the SGU optional tags? Currently, I only see SGU London when I search in AnkiHub

When viewing the AnKing deck, click the three dots, then “manage optional tags”. At the bottom is “SGU”

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