Is it possible to have both V11 and V12 of Anking downloaded?

One of the upperclassmen at my med school created a deck last year that includes cards from our school lectures she created herself as well as tags that pull from the Anking V11 deck. I upgraded to v12 and now her tags no longer work because they were made for the v11 deck. Is there any way around this so I can still use her deck while using v12? Or is it possible to have both v11 and v12 downloaded?

Others might know better, but I would say the easiest way would be to protect the v11 tags

Thus you could use the v11 tags, as well as v12 tags, and get all/any updates to the card via AnkiHub

Here’s how to protect a tag:

You cannot have V11 while also having V12 because the cards automatically merge.

All V11 cards have note IDs that automatically merge with AnkiHub when installing V12, so unless you modify the note IDs, you can’t have a duplicate deck. I could be wrong however

Would protecting the v11 tags work, however?
If I understood correctly, they would like to use the tags from their upperclassmen

You can install V11 and all V11 tags would stay so you can use it that way, just don’t delete the V11 tags