New card suggestions go into the wrong deck

For no apparent reason, Ankihub assigns my new note suggestions to the wrong deck.

Target Deck: 586d9d05-8801-4074-b06b-78bffb71e360
Suggested in: eaa827c5-453e-4c68-8cec-461fea649b4b (Private Deck)

Our german project does use similar (but differently named) notetypes across our AnkiHub decks, but I have no way to reproduce this issue. Although it only happens specifically with one of our two notetypes!

Current workaround is sending the new cards to another person (that is only subscribed to the target deck) to suggest them. I am also unable to choose which deck to upload to.

I tried searching but couldn’t find a similar issue.

@developers can you look into this? Sounds like a bug

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From Support to Bug

To help locating the bug:
About 2 to 3 weeks ago I was able to bulk suggest both notetypes in bulk suggestions together.

Currently when both notetypes are selected in bulk, I get the following error:

You can only create suggestions for notes from one AnkiHub deck at a time.
Please select notes from only one AnkiHub deck.

If I (bulk) suggest either notetype alone, the suggestions work and are displayed in the correct deck.

New note suggestions go into the wrong deck though.

It does seem like our cloze notetype or my account is weirdly and wrongly linked to two decks at the same time.

If a third person (that is only subscribed to the target deck) bulk suggests both notetypes, there is no problem.

Further information:
I do use two profiles with two separate ankihub subscriptions (Private profileto learn and a main Project Profile who originally uploaded to Ankihub). Both have the same problem.
I tried removing and installing the Ankihub addon twice to no avail. Unsubscribing did not help.

For some reason, the Ankihub Addon shows both of my separate profiles with separate Ankihub Login data to be the “creator of the deck”. This is new.

Added needs-dev-team

Please reproduce the problem (if possible) and then upload logs and data by clicking the menu item shown on the image and then post the filename you get when the upload process is done. This will help us to debug the issue.

I will do this as soon as the problem reappears!

For a quick fix I unsubscribed the second deck on one account and revoked it’s maintainer status.

As of now I can use this workaround to be able to upload again.

I remember there being a little popup a few weeks/months ago that asked into which Deck I would like to upload a new card. Did you remove that feature?

Alright, I got a fresh log for you!

The quoted workaround above worked on my Laptop yesterday but did not work on my desktop right now!
Error message pops up that says I am neither subscribed nor maintaining the deck I want to upload to.

Here is another log from my laptop in which an upload into the correct deck was possible. I uploaded it immediately after I suggested a new note and it went into the correct deck.

You now have two logs. One from my desktop that uploads into the wrong deck and one from my laptop that uploads into the correct deck. Both used the same note to upload, use the same Ankiweb-Profile and both use the same Ankihub profile (Username: “salzstange”)

It seems that there are 30 notes in the private deck which shouldn’t be there - they are linked to the note type in the target deck. All except two of them have “Fehlerhafter Upload von Zankiphil Karten in das Patho Deck. Delete” in their first field.

If you want, I can remove these notes from the deck on the website. Then you could unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the private deck and new note suggestions should go to the correct deck again. Should I do this?

Do you maybe know how these notes ended up in the private deck?

Kind of? They were the initial batch that, for no apparent reason, were pushed into this deck. They were (unknowlingly) added by us whilst forcing new cards, though I do not know why or how they initially got assigned into the wrong deck.

Yes please, thank you

Done! Please unsubscribe from the private deck in the Subscribed Decks dialog in the add-on, then subscribe on the website, and then sync from the add-on to install the deck again.