No media for V12

The Pixorize, B&B boxes were completely empty for every card. I tried the following from WIKI but still nothing.

  • If you see an empty field like shown below, toggle here

    If you do not have media in a field, but expected to:

    1. Check that the field is not protected on AnkiHub (note that some fields are protected by default)
      1. If it is protected, but you did not want it protected you will need to unprotect it, unsubscribe to the deck, and then re-subscribe to trigger a full sync

There are no images or anything in the BNB field as default.

Go to ankihub → anking overhaul → top right 3 dots → manage protected data → unchecked pixorize → go to browse in your anki → at the top click ankihub addon → reset local changes for anking deck

You will then get pixorize media

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