Not able to paste images from word to cards after update?


Not sure if this is an Ankihub or Anki issue but after recently updating to Anking V12 last week I’m no longer able to copy and paste images into cards from my Microsoft Word or Notes apps.

I was able to the first couple of days I had the deck, and I’m still able to paste images directly from some other online interfaces e.g. the notebook section of a certain question bank, but it wont let me copy and paste anything from microsoft word unless I screenshot it or save it as a separate image first (normally I take notes in word with images from the qbank and then add those as lecture notes to relevant cards).

Has anyone else come up against this/have any ideas? I’m not sure if this might be a MIcrosoft Word thing, an Anki thing, or an Ankihub thing. FWIW I’m using a a 2023 Macbook Pro with the current OS.

I just tried this on Word.

I put an image inside a blank document. Dragged my cursor across the image, pressed Ctrl + C, went to the field I want it pasted, and pressed Ctrl + V and it seemed to work.

Try “highlighting” the image with your cursor first and then copy/paste. Lmk if that works