Protect Fields for users

Hey there,

I would like to have the possibility to set up protected fields for everyone using my deck.
So that no one gets suprised when their own notes are suddenly gone after sync.
And because that field is for your own notes only, it could even be permanent.

Regards and hope it’s possible :slight_smile:

@andrew would this be possible like how we do the same for the anking deck?

We can set which fields should be protected by default if you let us know the deck and which fields (and for which note type) you want to be protected.

Unfortunately, we haven’t set it up so that deck creators can do this on their own but we can do it for you.

That’s a fantastic idea! I share your interest in this request, as my deck also includes two note types with a specific field for personal notes. It would indeed be very helpful if this field was protected by default to prevent any unexpected changes.

The deck is:
ErreAnki - Medicina e Residência

The note types are:
ErreAnki-OverHaul (
ErreAnki-OverHaul-Basic (

And the field for both is the same:

If this could be implemented, it would greatly assist users in managing their personal notes more effectively and safely :blush: