Recommendation to go through Anking v12 by system?

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I was wondering if you have any recommendations for going through Anking v12 by systems (e.g., respiratory, etc.) I’m hoping to supplement the cards with my own lecture slides/notes I made back in Med-1! :slight_smile: Thank you.

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I recommend picking a video resource (Boards and Beyond) then going system by system while doing the videos. This is what I did and followed alongside school lectures. It worked out great for me!

@Ahmed7 Thanks so much for your reply! Which tags would you recommend me custom filtering by if I want to go system-by-system? I see there are tags for B&B, First Aid, Amboss, Bootcamp, Constanzo, Pathoma, and more… seems a bit overwhelming ahahaa :') So I’d love to hear which tags would you recommend starting with/which to move on to!

Not sure if it’s relevant but as I’m not a US MD student (Canadian here) I’m not prepping for any standardised exams and just hoping to brush up my knowledge before clerkship next year. So that’s my goal :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I would recommend Boards and Beyond and then unsuspend after watching a video.

For example, If i am in a cardio block, I would start by watching 2 BNB videos a day for example and then unlocking the cards for that specific video

I also do the First AId tag after I am done the entire block, but this is not 100% necessary (first aid has some extra tags that BNB does not have)

BNB would be good!

However, some people prefer pathoma or BootCamp, see what works for you since we have proper tags for all these resources.

You can do amazing just by using one of these tags, you don’t need to use all of them

@Ahmed7 You’re really helpful, thank you so much. :')

Just to confirm, from what I see you saying, the First Aid tags would be the most comprehensive of all the tags (out of B&B, OME, etc.)?

Thanks again!!

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No problem!

Yes correct, the FA tags are the most comprehensive out of all the tags

@Ahmed7 Thank you, I appreciate your help so much!!

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