SGU Optional Tags Missing

I added SGU tags via the optional tag feature. This was successful and I’ve been using it for a few days now. However, I went to unsuspend some cards and the tags were no longer there. I tried adding different ones (UofU and Sinai) and only Sinai popped up. I removed them and eventually Sinai tags disappeared. I have tried syncing, closing, and removing/re-adding the tags but they still are not showing up.

Any suggestions?

hmm this is odd. Can you go to notes->clear unused tags at the top?

Then look for AnkiHub_Optional down in the tags instead of just at the top. Can you see any subtags down there within that?

Tried that and it removed the AnkiHub_Optional from the side. Didn’t see any down in the bottom. I tried remove SGU → sync → add SGU tags → sync, but still nothing.


You for sure had the SGU tags at one point? Did you delete them?

Haha yeah I definitely had them. I never had them before adding them with optional tag option though, if that helps.

I did accidentally end up on the browse page a few times (accidentally pressing “V” I think instead of spacebar), so it’s possible something happened from that. Otherwise, I hadn’t gone back since suspending and unsuspending the cards I needed a few days ago.

Ok. I assigned this issue to our developers to look a little further into

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Just adding this in case in helps. Im guessing since it attempts to download, it’s probably hidden somewhere

Was a solution to this issue ever found? I subscribed to my school’s optional tags, and have tried every combination of unsubscribing, syncing, and resubscribing I can think of, and the browser is still not even showing Ankihub_Optional in the browser sidebar, let alone adding any of my school tags.

Just fixed it. What finally worked was shotgun subscribing to a bunch of optional tag groups. One out of the ~10 I subscribed to (WAUSM) for some reason kicked AnkiHub in gear to make the “Ankihub_Optional” group in the sidebar, with the WAUSM optional tag group under it. From there, in the browser window, I clicked on AnkiHub in the top application menu bar and selected “Reset an optional tag group” and then was able to see all the optional tag groups I had subscribed to in the resulting window, selected my school tag group, hit reset, restarted Anki, and saw my school tag group under Ankihub_Optional, finally. Then I unsubscribed from all the other tag groups and deleted those tag groups from the browser. Clunky, to say the least.