SGU tags missing from Anking Overhaul deck after update to ankihub

I’m having trouble with ankihub. I recently updated and subscribed to the anking deck while protecting my tags, but after the update, I noticed a lot of the tags were missing. And when I try to import an old tag file I have, it says the note can not be imported as the file type has changed.

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Are the missing tags the SGU tags? Did you protect tags that are missing? I’d recommend restoring a backup and trying again

Anki: How to Backup and Restore From Backup: Anki: How to Backup and Restore From Backup - YouTube

We just silently released an update today that allows for optional tags which includes the SGU tags so you’ll be able to get those tags from AnkiHub next week

They’re SGU tags yes, and I did protect them

But im looking forward to the SGU cloud tags! thats great

I protected my tags as well and this happened to me, next week should be hype

You can try downloading the SGU tags now if you want. They have been uploaded.

Tutorial video: AnkiHub Optional Tags - YouTube


Goat, it worked perfectly

They’re all back!!! works perfectly now! thank you