Standardize Learning steps for all anki cards

I’ve set the learning steps to 1m, 6m, 10m for my anki deck but each card has a different time interval for some reason and the learning steps aren’t applying. I used the MD mcat deck prior to ankihub and it seems as though like cards in both decks might be interfering with the learning steps.

It might be due to the fuzz factor

My problem is that after unsuspending cards I want to see them frequently until I master them. That’s why I chose the 1m, 6m, 10m learning steps. Not sure why the deck is giving me 1.3 month option after seeing the card only once

Can you go to that card and right click and go to info

and screenshot this. That should not be happening if its a totally new card that you have never done before

This is a set of cards that I haven’t unsuspended yet

Yes, this shows that you have done these before, therefore you are not in the learning phase. These cards have graduated and do not follow learning steps.

If you want to reset them back to learning then you can right click on the card and click “forget”