Subscribed Deck Not Showing Up in My Decks

Hi! I subscribed to a public deck on ankihub (ViriDan’s MWU Micro), but it will not download/sync to my anki account’s computer (i.e. it does not show up as one of my decks). My other ankihub decks are working so I’m wondering if it is something specific with the deck itself, maybe? I made sure to subscribe to the deck on ankihub first, before copying and pasting the code into my anki app. Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

In the app you need to paste the ID only and not the entire URL. Is that the case?

I can see from my anki software that I am subscribed to the deck. It just isn’t showing up in my list of decks on my homepage.

My other Ankihub decks are showing up just fine so that is why I am thinking it might be an issue with the ViriDan’s Deck perhaps.

Do you have any other decks that have card overlap with this new deck? If so the cards from your deck may just be displaying there. You can check different things like unique tags you have added to the deck to see if those display in browse.

There is no card overlap, it is a totally different deck. It also isn’t showing in the “browse” section of anki.

I’m able to subscribe to this deck successfully with no issues. Can you film a screen recording with your sequence of actions to reproduce and add that here?

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